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A testimonial letter from one of K.C.'s bird garden design customers:

My wife and I are avid birders and have been feeding birds in our yard during all the seasons for several years. Recently, during the winter months, we became progressively more dissapointed about the number of birds showing up at our feeders despite using a variety of feeders and seeds.  Almost desperate for a solution several friends suggested we contact K. C. Harvick of Hawk's Nest Nursery because of her extensive knowledge about attracting birds. After meeting K.C. we hired her to help us out.

Shortly after, K.C. came to our home, took pictures of our yard and then started drawing up a detailed plan.  The completed plan included the extensvie use of perennials and construction of a small pond.  After we
discussed the plan with her the project started and was completed to our total satisfaction within a couple of weeks.

Japanese Iris

The completed garden and pond have turned our yard into a virtual bird sanctuary. We are seeing species that have never made an appearance.  Numerous hours are now spent on our patio watching the birds and listening to the relaxing sound of the fountain in the pond.  Our yard was nice but now it is beautiful. Thanks K.C..
Chuck and Dorothy Bordonaro

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