Gardening Matters with K.C. Fahy-Harvick

Gardening Matters offers two great videos. Both videos were written and produced by K.C. Harvick, horticulturist and owner of Hawk's Nest Nursery. Filmed on the beautiful grounds of Hawk's Nest in upstate New York.

  • "Spring Into Action" Learn from a pro how to get your perennial garden ready for a 'maintenance free' summer. Five easy steps and many great gardening tips.

  • "Ponds… Pure and Simple" is a complete course on how to design, install, and maintain a healthy pond. It is a 60 minute video and has great information for all pond keepers whether you have a professional do the work or if you tackle the job yourself.

Ask K.C. a gardening question at the Gardening Matters Bulletin Board

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K.C. Fahy-Harvick
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